Camel Trophy 3 the Resurrection tournament

Time passes, doing its magic to heal some wounds. It was finally time for me to hit the road to play some Old School Magic again. No Carl or Lorenzo but my son Evan joined me.

The tournament is the Camel Trophy, a special one for me as it was the first OS tournament I won and the first time I get to play with a trophy (no pun intended) in the sideboard.

We’re both on mono blue, he chose Fish, I played another flavour with Chambers deck from N00bcom2. No Chaos Orb for my son (I only own one but could have borrowed one from Carl) because he’s unable to produce a flip, not his fault, he has some minor fine dexterity issues and it is thus both frustrating and not productive for him to play with it. I think I already spoke about that in my fishliver report though. I made some minor changes to the deck, swapping the Tetravus for a 2nd Triskelion, I wanted to replace the Unsummon and the Power Sink with 2 Psionic Blasts but I lent my 4 to my son and we couldn’t find the French timeshifted ones so I replaced the Sink with a Recall and kept the Unsummon because it was too late and I already took the picture… Oherwise I probably would have played a second Disk.

For the first time in a long time my deck isn’t 100% Swedish as I only own 2 Swedish legals Mahamoti Djinns, I play a revised one after hesitating to take the French black bordered from my set for a spin. 2 hours drive is enough to remind my son of the cards in his deck and the main interactions they provide, some sideboarding advice but I’m pretty sure he didn’t pay too much attention in the end.

So we arrive, I am a bit anxious and after I pass the door I am greeted by a tall man with a large smile, a big hug and warm conversation later I feel relieved and much better, I get to greet familiar faces I missed a lot and see a lot of newcomers. 2_ people showed up, 6 rounds and top 8.

Round 1 Edo playing a Spicy Reanimator deck with a transformational sideboard
Game 1, I win the die roll and produce a Triskelion on turn 3, Edo waits a bit before pulling the trigger on his Disenchant, it costs him dearly as I counter it saccing my freshly cast Lotus, he struggles with his mana and it is GG as he can’t cast the Serras he’s holding

Game 2
Edo has a small brain fart as he plays an early Stasis while I am untapped, a turn later he ditches his Stasis wondering why he cast it in the first place. I apply some pressure with a Sage and a Factory, he plays a treacherous Serra that I control magically, he has some Bazaar of Baghdad action, filling his graveyard with no less than 3 more Serra Angels and dies holding a Bartel Runeaxe and a Johan he couldn’t cast as his mana wasn’t cooperating once more.

2-0 3 points

R2 Bjorn, the TO
You can find his report here:

Game one I apply some pressure, dropping him to 6 before dying to a Fireball fueled by a Basalt Monolith enchanted with a Power Artifact (in modern Magic I should use the term Auraed I guess).

Game 2
He has a quick Abyss to prevent any Sage action but I apply pressure with Factories, a SuChi gets control magiced and unsummoned so there is quite a bit of action still. I counter a Disintegrate for 10, fuel by non enchanted Monoliths despite a Mana Short played on my upkeep the previous turn as I topdecked an Island and had a Blue Elemental Blast. I also have a Chaos Orb out if he wants to assemble the infinite mana combo and I take the second game.

Game 3 I have a great opening with 2 moxen a land and a Lotus allowing me to cast a turn one Triskelion. On turn 2 he plays a Chaos Orb so I play a SuChi on my turn 2, it came back to bite me as he uses his Tutor to get his Lotus to play a Control Magic on it, and not on the Triskelion… Bjorn is a powerful mage. We trade both creature and I’m back to square one with no gas, a topdecked Ancestral helps me with that. The lone disk is cast as a preventive countermeasure and Bjorn frowns and Power Sink it, I can either pay and have it for the future or let it be countered and keep my Sapphire untapped and play an Island to have a Counterspell up, I choose the first option. He then proceeds to rip his Ancestral and catch the missing piece with it to take it 2-1, his gamble paid off.

1-2, 3 points

Round 3 Remco with a RB trix deck

Game one I play an early Sage on turn 2, he plays an early Howling Mine and I decide to spice things with an Energy Flux as my Sage allows me to get value from my artifacts anyway. The Mine goes and is replaced with an Underworld Dreams. A Mana Vault allows a quick Air Elemental on my side, he waits for my turn to double bolt it and I Spell Blast the second one and start hitting for 5 a turn with it and a sage. He casts a Drain Life on it for one and want to bolt it but a Mana Drain prevents that and we’re off to game 2.

Game 2 I have no lands but 2 Moxen, an Ancestral and a Sol Ring, and one of the Moxen is blue… Turn one sees me casting an Ancestral and a SuChi, on turn 2 another joins the party. He lands an Ali from Cairo but I have the Bottle or the counterspell. Nice to see this sweet card.

2-0, 6 points

R4 Myrthe playing UR counterburn
Myrthe, a new face for me, is enjoying herself while she still can as she’s expecting a baby for February 2022 iirc 🙂
She asks me if we can use the gentleman flip rule for the Chaos Orb and I happily accept for the reasons I explained earlier.

Game 1 I keep a slow hand and she opens with a Factory to cast a Black Vise. The Vise will deal me 9 damage over the course of the game and the Factory will hit 3 times so she has no trouble to finish me off with a Chain Lightning and a Psionic.

Game 2, again no land but a Sapphire and an Ancestral. The Ancestral gets me 2 lands and a Mana Vault so I can play an Air Elemental on turn 2, my only one as the other three were in the sideboard, and I also have protection. She has the REB I have the BEB, the Elemental stays. She plays a Chaos Orb I counter, a Serendib I also counter. 5 hits later we go to game 3.

Game 3
Turn 1 Vise, then chain and Psionic the score is quickly 17-9 in her favor, with Sages I make it 13-9, then 9-9 with Sages and a Factory. She plays a Dib, I counter, she REBs it I BEB it, her life goes to 8, 6, 4, 2… I win a close match.

2-1, 9 points

Round 5 Jorgo with, quoting Bjorn, “who was playing Joldersma-Visser Atog-geddon with vises, ankhs and burn”

He dispatches me in two ultra quick games, game one with Vise Ankh action, game 2 I have fast mana but no blue this time and he doesn’t give me time to recoup.

0-2, 9 points

For a moment I thought my tournament was over then I remember there are 6 rounds so I get another win and in.

Round 6 Evan, my son, on Merfolks

Whoops, I hate to be his endboss.

Game 1, if I tell you I succesfully cast a Mahamoti Djinn on turn 2 you’ll think I easily took it, well let me tell you what happened.
He opens with a Flying Men, I go land mox Mana Vault. He goes turn 2 Lord of Atlantis, I go Moti, he plays a second Lord and take the lead of the damage race with 16-20, 15 with the vault I have to play defense with the Djinn as I can’t race him. He plays Unsummon, I counter, play a Chaos Orb and kill a Lord with it so I can block the other one (I am not sure my son remembers what I explained to him during the ride…). I play an Air Elemental but I am in a world of pain when he plays a Control Magic. I am 0-1 behind.

Do not try this at home.

Game 2 I have a Lotus and an Ancestral but no blue, my Ancestral doesn’t fail me, he plays a Flying Men and a Serendib, I play a Bottle and he loses (and proves he didn’t listen to the sb talk).

Game 3 Evan mulligans to 6, complains he’s only got one colorless mana but keeps even after I explained him it was a bad idea, he has no land drop on turn 2, luckily for him he rips 2 Islands from the top like a pro and the race is on with no damage done as I’m stuck with an Island and 2 Factories. Again he goes for Arabian Nights cards that are met with a Bottle, a Sage prevents my SuChi to be stolen by Control Magic. A Lord of Atlantis is countered off my lone Island thanks to a Spell Blast and a Mana Vault. When I drain his Geyser and cast a Triskelion with the mana the advantage bar goes strongly towards me and never change anymore.

2-1, 12 points good enough for 6th seed.

I go out to console my son who came so close to his first top 8 and is rightfully disappointed.

My quarterfinal is against Maarten and can be watched on Timmy’s YouTube channel:

2 long games of grinding and attrition, like a Fork on my Time Walk, where Maarten emerges victorious. I have no notes and don’t feel like making a transcript of the video, sorry. I’ll only speak about the deciding play in game 2, we traded factories and he has 2 on his side preventing mine to do anything, I feel that he’s better equiped if the game takes too long so I recall 2 factories, leaving my shield down thinking he’s sandbagging lands, he then cast an Ancestral, forks it (he remembered I taught him how to Fork your own spells hehe) and plays a Time Walk to burn me out. I read his hand wrong but still stand by my call.

Regardless the most important that day wasn’t my finish but me finally reconnecting to the OS scene I missed so much and almost lost.

Until next time, could you be as glad as me there’s a next time!


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