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  • A tale of two tournaments

    14 Aug 2022 by

    A tournament in Belgium! On Saturday August 13th I put the kids in the car and drove to Turnhout for some Magic. Turnhout is a special place for all Mtg lovers as it where the first cards were first printed. So a fine place to host an old school tournament for sure. The TO was… Read more

  • Camel Trophy 3 the Resurrection tournament

    5 Sep 2021 by

    Time passes, doing its magic to heal some wounds. It was finally time for me to hit the road to play some Old School Magic again. No Carl or Lorenzo but my son Evan joined me. The tournament is the Camel Trophy, a special one for me as it was the first OS tournament I… Read more

  • Goodbye Pascal

    20 Aug 2020 by

    The Belgian Old School community has lost one of his early members as Pascal Delfosse has alas left us too early, his big heart wasn’t strong enough anymore and failed him. Pascal was my first opponent in an Old School tournament, it was a side event at GP Brussels in August 2018, he was playing… Read more

  • Sorry

    8 Jan 2020 by

    I love to write, I wrote many tournament reports or non magic related articles in the past but this one might be the hardest one I had to write.  I would have loved to share stories about the Team World Cup in London or my latest tournament in Italy but instead I have to talk… Read more

  • Scryings revealed

    7 Nov 2019 by

    You most likely heard news about the release of new Magic the Gathering set after The Dark, the set is about to be released at the end of December 1994 and is called Scryings. We got our hands on some product thanks to a distributor who broke the promise not to sell before end of… Read more

  • Fishliver Oil Cup Report – WINNER*

    17 Oct 2019 by

    This is the report you have all been waiting for, the one you missed without knowing about it, the internet ends at the end of this article about my magic(al) weekend in Genoa. Last year I was a greenhorn and the idea to travel that far to play Old School didn’t cross my mind though… Read more

  • Close but no cigar, my Frost Giant report

    2 Sep 2019 by

    Frost Giant Cup was organized by Joep Meddens to give us an opportunity to test one last time for the Fishliver Oil Cup in a tournament stting, what a great idea. One item on my Old School bucket list is to finish the tournament with a perfect record, cruising through the Swiss and the elimination… Read more

  • Double Dip

    7 Aug 2019 by

    This article is not about one glorious piece of candy from my childhood… Nor is it about a great Seinfeld moment, I can’t recommend watching the show enough… And it isn’t about economics. Nope, this is my Raging River & Gaea’s Avenger tournament reports. Raging River organized by Florian in Dusseldorf, we meet Carl at… Read more

  • 100 and counting…

    23 Jul 2019 by

    Last week-end, by attending the Raging River tournament and my Summer Derby match, I passed the 100 matches played in Old School tournaments. Time for a quick look back, only looking at the results, leaving the cool parts out: the people I met and the moments shared. So over 100 matches played, here is the… Read more

  • Third time’s the charm – KoT VI

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Knight of Thorn VI Tournament Report After our adventures in Amsterdam and Mol in May it was time to head back again to The Netherlands for another tournament, this time the big one aka The Knight of Thorn (KoT from here on to spare some pixels) who’s already on his sixth edition. My partner in… Read more

  • Mol Masters Series

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Hello, the week after Amsterdam I went to Mol with Lorenzo and my 9 years old son Evan to play the Old School tournament of the Mol Masters Series. This report isn’t exactly like the others, while I always talk a lot about things outside of the game which are part of life, this time… Read more

  • Ignite the spark – Raging Bull tournament report

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Hi there, another Old School tournament is now in the books, this time it took place in Amsterdam, the first Raging Bull Series organized by Jimmy and Richard. The usual partner in crime Carl couldn’t make it but I reserved 2 slots, one for me and one for my 14y old son Gaston (child #3).… Read more

  • My N00bcon weekend

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Technically I went to N00bcon, yes, technically… It all started in Hilversum begin of April, during the Hill Giant II (read my excellent report here) where Peter Monten told me he was going to Gothenburg, I asked him how he qualified and he told me he wasn’t qualified but he was going for the side… Read more

  • MKM Series Ghent

    15 Jul 2019 by

    MKM Series Ghent Old School Tourney Report For once there is an Old School event in Belgium, but somehow I wasn’t too tempted, participation was quite high 30€ (and 35 on site mind you) and no Old School flavour, no signed cards or sillyness, just MKM coupons to be won, not quite the spirit I… Read more

  • Hill Giant II

    15 Jul 2019 by

    My last tournament was the Camel Cup in March, this month I managed to play 5 old school tournaments! This is great, but it also means that I have a lot to report. Luckily I took some notes in those events or the task would be impossible. Hill Giant Cup Unfortunately Carl was unavailable for… Read more

  • 3 for 1: a triple tournament report

    15 Jul 2019 by

    A tale of 3 tournaments or three reports for the price of one. This report covers the following three events: Frankenstein Castle, OS Magic Masters Mol and the Camel Cup in Arnhem. I’ve been a bit lazy with my tournament reports lately for different reasons, first of all I try to be positive in my… Read more

  • JK Winters Series

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Disclaimer: if you’re here for complete match details you’re in the wrong place as once again I didn’t take notes. But it’s all about the strategy. JK Series Winter Old School Tournament Report Format is basically the same as EC except that Maze is now unrestricted. I turned to the recent EC coverage to find… Read more

  • Knights of Thorn V

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Warning: this tournament will be light in match details as I didn’t took notes and I am getting old so my memory isn’t what it used to be. Before the tournament Since the last tournament we played in Carl and I, Eternal Weekend took place, the Atog deck of Jamie Parke caught my eye so… Read more

  • Draconian Cylix IV

    15 Jul 2019 by

    Draconian Cylix IV Tournament Report While playing casually at home for a while, I finally got to play a real Old School tournament after a side event at GP Brussels earlier this year where I played UR counterburn to a 2-1 record, but it really felt too short. So on this Sunday morning, Carl,my friend… Read more

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